This is how the Fall comes about…

I was reminded recently in a conversation elsewhere that I hadn’t shared this story here yet…. Context: walking with little A, who is a very hyper and cheerful mood and going on at great length about all kinds of weapons she apparently needs for some nefarious purpose or other. Little A: “…And of course I’ll […]

Consumer activism, Little-A-style

Little A suddenly starts chortling fiendishly, apropos of nothing, and says “Muime, I need a whole bunch of knives!” “Er… why?” “And also a chainsaw.” “I see. To do what, exactly?” “No, actually, two chainsaws.” “You still have not told me what you want all this for. Also, you are pretty much the textbook example […]

High-tech snow warfare

So we’ve had a lot of snow lately, and this past weekend, Little A and I went outside for me to shovel a path down the side of the house and out the back gate (due to the quirks of my location, I very rarely go in and out the front – nearly always through […]

The fearless zombie hunters

So today Little A and Little D helped me clear a bunch of gardening stuff and assorted junk off the back patio, in exchange for a trip to Toys R Us later, where each of them would get to pick one (relatively inexpensive) toy. Both of them opted for Nerf guns (because apparently the 7 […]

The perfect weapon

Little A, in the washroom at the local park, while drying her hands under the hot air dryer and gazing contemplatively at the trash can next to it: “You know, if I could just divert this air flow over *there*, I could make the perfect weapon…” Me: “Really? How would you do that?” Little A: […]

Happy 7th birthday to Little A!

So Little A celebrated her 7th birthday today, at Chuck E. Cheese’s. She had originally wanted it to be at the Science Centre, but changed her mind at almost the last minute – fortunately they were able to accommodate us and we were able to get the location change out to everyone in time. It […]

Oh not – not the asparagus!

Context: on the bus with both kids. Little A is being very, VERY hyper, as she usually is on transit now that she refuses to play iPad games there (which was the only thing that ever kept her calm and quiet on long transit trips before). She is pretending to attack me with a little […]

Zombies, smoothies and recreational murder

Two recent entertaining incidents with the kids, and interesting strangers: #1: Wednesday, I was in a yogurt/smoothie place with both of them (Little A and her younger brother Little D, who comes with us sometimes). Little A had been having a temperamental sort of day, and was immersed in playing on the iPad as she […]

Politics, zombies & self-defence for 6-year-olds

Three conversations with Little A today: #1: In which Little A has plans for Rob Ford Little A: who’s that? (Pointing at the TV in the restaurant we were in, which was showing a clip of Rob Ford tangling with reporters) Me: That’s the mayor. You know, the one you compared to Jar-Jar Binks a […]