Seedy ideas

Two conversations with Little A today:

Little A: “What’s this?”

Me: “That’s a maple tree seed. The little wing on it is there to help the wind blow it further, because you can’t have too many of the same kind of trees in one place… Can you think of a couple of other ways some plants distribute their seeds?”

(She looks thoughtful, but doesn’t respond.)

“Well, what happens sometimes when you walk through bushes?”

Her face lights up. “Seeds stick to you!”

“That’s right, and they get carried to other places that way. Now, what happens when you eat a berry?”

“You swallow the seeds!”

“That’s ri—”

“And then they grow a tree inside you and it comes BURSTING OUT OF YOUR CHEST!”

* * * * *

Little D (with manic enthusiasm): “I’m going to be a BUM for Halloween!” (Bending over and wiggling his, so that it’s clear he means the actual body part.)

Me: “Uh — how about NO?”

Little A (quietly): “I know what I want to do for my Halloween costume too.”


“Yes. All I need is a laser cutter, a hazmat suit and some weapons-grade plutonium…”

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