Oh not – not the asparagus!

Context: on the bus with both kids. Little A is being very, VERY hyper, as she usually is on transit now that she refuses to play iPad games there (which was the only thing that ever kept her calm and quiet on long transit trips before). She is pretending to attack me with a little toy cannon.

Little A: “I’m firing this cannon in your eye!”

Me: “Oh yeah? Well, I’m going to fire a cannon up your nose!”

Little A (giggling): “I’m going to fire a cannon in your ear!”

Me: “I’m going to fire a cannon into your belly button!”

Little A: “I’m going to fire a cannon into your –” she stops, looking intently at my throat but a bit disconcerted, as she tries to remember the word she’s looking for. “– ASPARAGUS!!!” I crack up laughing, so hard I nearly fall out of my seat. She looks mortified. “ESOPHAGUS! Esophagus! I meant esophagus!”

Me (barely managing to get the word out, because I’m laughing too hard) “Asparagus!”

Little A (yelling really loudly so that she could probably be heard all the way at the front of the bus – we were in the very back): “ESOOOOPHAAAAGUUUUSSSS!”

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