Happy 7th birthday to Little A!

So Little A celebrated her 7th birthday today, at Chuck E. Cheese’s. She had originally wanted it to be at the Science Centre, but changed her mind at almost the last minute – fortunately they were able to accommodate us and we were able to get the location change out to everyone in time. It […]

The perfect gift

Sabotabby, to a shopkeeper in a toy store, before Little A’s birthday: “What would you recommend for a 7-year-old mad scientist who wants to take over the world?” I have the best friends, AND the best kid! (BTW, it turned out to be an air-powered rocket kit that fired foam rubber rockets with flashy LEDs […]

This week in unconventional birthday customs…

Me: You know it’s D’s birthday today, right! Little A: Yes! And I’m going to set a TRAP for her! Me: Um… That is really not a usual means of celebrating someone’s birthday, you know. Little A: Well, really it’s more of a prank than a trap… Me: Oh? Little A: Yes! I’ll hook the […]