Little A on international politics

Scene: yesterday, early evening, at a store, picking up a few groceries with Little A. She was cheerful but kind of hyper, and kept running off to look at things or do things. While I was at the checkout, she ran back to the magazine racks for a moment, then dashed back and told me […]

First against the wall…

Little A’s enemy list, as written by the lass herself (apologies for the shaky photo – she took that herself too): In case you can’t read it, it says (with spelling errors preserved): ENEMY #1 SCHOOL ENEMY #2 NESTLÉÉ ENENY #3+4 ROB + DOUG FORD

Politics, zombies & self-defence for 6-year-olds

Three conversations with Little A today: #1: In which Little A has plans for Rob Ford Little A: who’s that? (Pointing at the TV in the restaurant we were in, which was showing a clip of Rob Ford tangling with reporters) Me: That’s the mayor. You know, the one you compared to Jar-Jar Binks a […]