Month – May 2014

The power of Bollywood compels you

@Bombay Chowpatty with Little A, after her great-grandma’s 90th birthday. Being down in Little India again makes me realize how much I miss living in this area! My next apartment HAS to be near here! I just wish I could teleport my current place here, complete with garden. The funniest thing – Little A keeps […]

Bus parkour

Little A has a talent for being freakishly adorable even when she’s behaving really badly. On the bus tonight, she at one point turned sideways in her seat (she was in the window seat, I was in the aisle seat), braced both her feet against the wall of the bus, and pushed off hard, launching […]

Zombie-hunting Jedi Rainbow Dash?

Another pleasant afternoon, hunting zombies in the park with “Captain Skywalker” and “Jedi Rainbow Dash” (Little D and Little A respectively). That’s got to be some kind of a geek trifecta… Though really, I would have thought of Rainbow Dash as more the Han Solo type: “Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for […]

Dealing with bad times

On a more serious note than most of what I post here, this checklist from the “We Are Like Your Child” site (a very useful group blog written for parents of autistic kids by autistic adults, based on their own childhood experiences) is really good. Some of the things on it have really helped me […]

In case you wondered where she gets it from…

Playing Minecraft on your iPad can be an enjoyable way of killing time during a long train ride. However, if you find yourself startled by the appearance of a green buoy in the river outside your window because you momentarily think it’s a creeper, it might be time to do something else for a while…

Mad Science Police!

So Little A has apparently decided she wants to be a cop when she grows up, rather than (or perhaps in addition to) a mad scientist. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s “in addition to”, given the plans she outlined to me today. And lest any of my activist friends be put off by this turn […]