About Us

So, I have a kid with the mind of a supervillain and an obsession with mad science – freakishly complex Rube Goldberg machines, giant robots, plans for taking over the world, etc. And while I used to just post the various entertaining things she said and did on Facebook, LiveJournal, etc., eventually friends started urging me to compile them all in one place. Thus, this blog.

I’ve copied in a fair number of the stories from other places (backdating them so that they’re dated when they originally happened, so as not to confuse the timeline), though since then I’ve only kept it up sporadically, because parenting is a fair bit of work, particularly when combined with trying to maintain a job, a life, etc., and this blog is decidedly a side project. But there’s at least a reasonable collection of the wit and weirdness of Little A collected here, and I’ll try to be a little more on the ball with posting here in the future.