About Us

For a couple of years now, people have been urging me to start a blog to collect all the entertaining stories I post on Facebook, LiveJournal, etc. about my daughter, and particularly her obsession with mad science – freakishly complex Rube Goldberg machines, giant robots, plans for taking over the world, etc. The turning point, when I actually decided to take the plunge, was when my dear friend Sabotabby drew an awesome comic based on one of Little A’s ideas (which I will post here as soon as the other friend who is colouring it finishes).

I’ve already got a vast collection of past posts from other places that I’ll gradually be transferring into here (backdating them so that they’re dated when they originally happened, so as not to confuse the timeline. And any future brilliant, surreal and/or hilarious stories and conversations involving Little A (as I frequently refer to him online) will be posted here first, and just linked to from other places.