Who’s Who

Some of the people you will see referred to in this blog (note: some bios are very brief at the moment, but may be fleshed out later. If you happen to be one of these people, feel free to write your own bio):

  • Little A – the mad scientist herself. Currently age 11, though 7 when I started this blog, and some of the stories here date back further than that. When not designing spaceships or hatching plans to take over the world, she enjoys playing Minecraft, building things with Lego, shooting imaginary zombies with Nerf guns, and obsessing over sparkly goth dresses and accessories online, because there’s no reason you can’t be stylish while working on your plans for world domination.
  • Muime – your humble webmistress, and Little A’s “other mother” (the non-biological one). “Muime” is not a name – it’s an old Irish word for a foster mother, stepmother, or other non-biological mother. It’s what my ex-wife and I decided our kids would call me when we were initially wrangling the nomenclature problem all two-mom (or two-dad) families face. It’s pronounced “Mwee-va” – rhymes with diva! When not attempting to answer Little A’s science questions or prevent her from destroying the world, I’m a web developer, aspiring writer and artist, LARPer, all-around geek, and in general someone who has Too Many Ideas.
  • Mama – Little A’s long-suffering bio-mom, my ex-wife (with whom I am still friends). Grad student in mediaeval studies and crunchy earth-mama.
  • Daddy – Little A’s father (yes, he has two moms and a dad). Lego fan and prone to doing adventurous things like racing up the steps of the CN Tower for charity.
  • Little D – Little A’s younger brother and occasional minion, currently age 8. Less science-obsessed than his elder sister, but shares her fascination with zombies, Nerf guns, etc. I am not technically a parent of his, since he was born after my ex-wife and I split up, but he comes along on many of my visits with Little A anyway, and I seem to have become sort of like an aunt to him.
  • Sabotabby – a good friend of mine, who Little A has adored ever since she first laid eyes on her (the turquoise hair may have been a factor). once drew an awesome comic about Little A’s future adventures as part of the Mad Science Police, which should be posted here at some point.
  • Possibly other friends to be added as they turn up in posts…