I’m sure they do

Scene: at the park, playing our favourite zombie-hunting game. Today, we’re pretending that every stick we find on the ground is a zombie bone, and you have to be careful, because some of them reanimate when you’re not looking. “Look!” Says Little D, holding up a tiny stick. “This one is from a baby zombie!” […]

Jack-o-lanterns and adventures in biochemistry

Had an enjoyable evening carving jack-o-lanterns with the kids (well, I did most of the actual carving). Little D’s was the more unusual of the two, with a star and a moon around its eyes. I actually did the drawing of that one before carving it, because he’s only 4 and doesn’t quite have the […]

Captain Bitey

Scene: on the Don Mills bus. Little A has been getting very hyper and noisy, and I at one point (gently) put my hand over her mouth while telling her she needs to keep it down. She responds by pretending she’s going to bite me. I turn it into a game by threatening to bite […]