Robots and foxes and bears, oh my…

I really must update this blog more often – it’s not that he’s stopped saying entertaining things, it’s more a case of me being tired and overworked. But a conversation earlier this evening definitely merits a post… We had been talking about various things Minecraft-related, and when I happened to mention one of the new […]

Suburban Steampunk

Had a good time at Suburban Steam yesterday with Little A and Little D. They were particularly delighted with Professor Morbius’s Meka Curiosities – a collection of amazing little robots, mostly animals of one kind or another, that actually moved and did things. Little A was especially enraptured with those, and asked the proprietor to […]

Bad day at the circus

Little A was cranky for a fair bit of today – not all the time, but on and off. Basically, a bit more volatile than usual. On the bus, he was getting really hyper and trying to climb all over everything, insisting that he was performing in a circus, and when I was adamant that […]

Mad Science Police!

So Little A has apparently decided he wants to be a cop when he grows up, rather than (or perhaps in addition to) a mad scientist. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s “in addition to”, given the plans he outlined to me today. And lest any of my activist friends be put off by this turn […]