Seedy ideas

Two conversations with Little A today: Little A: “What’s this?” Me: “That’s a maple tree seed. The little wing on it is there to help the wind blow it further, because you can’t have too many of the same kind of trees in one place… Can you think of a couple of other ways some […]

Sorry, the shrink ray’s been sent out for repair…

“Daddy, can you get me a jackhammer? And a boxing glove, a small metal disk that will actually fit inside the boxing glove, a welding torch, a stand for the jackhammer, a shrink ray, and I also will need a box, wrapping paper, ribbon, and a sign, and some markers…. Wait, I already have the […]

Suburban Steampunk

Had a good time at Suburban Steam yesterday with Little A and Little D. They were particularly delighted with Professor Morbius’s Meka Curiosities – a collection of amazing little robots, mostly animals of one kind or another, that actually moved and did things. Little A was especially enraptured with those, and asked the proprietor to […]

Bad day at the circus

Little A was cranky for a fair bit of today – not all the time, but on and off. Basically, a bit more volatile than usual. On the bus, she was getting really hyper and trying to climb all over everything, insisting that she was performing in a circus, and when I was adamant that […]

Same thing we think about every night…

Scene: yesterday at the Science Centre with Little A, in the cafeteria. She is eating a fruit cup, and gazing into space with a thoughtful look on her face as she munches on a piece of cantaloupe. Me: What are you thinking about, honey? Little A: Oh… just ideas for taking over the world… She […]

Math for supervillains

A few interesting recent conversations with Little A: Somehow the topic of math had come up while we were on the subway, and I made a comment that you need math for most kinds of science. Little A: “Why?” Me: “Because you need to do various sorts of calculations in order to figure things out. […]