The fearless zombie hunters

So today Little A and Little D helped me clear a bunch of gardening stuff and assorted junk off the back patio, in exchange for a trip to Toys R Us later, where each of them would get to pick one (relatively inexpensive) toy. Both of them opted for Nerf guns (because apparently the 7 of them, plus 2 bows, that we already have are not enough), from the Zombie Strike series. (To be fair, I also bought myself the Rebelle Diamondista crossbow, because apparently I too think that 7 Nerf guns and 2 bows are not enough. And I can only blame so much of that on LARPing…)

On the way home, they decided that the subway car we were in was under attack by zombies, and proceeded to defend it, with Nerf guns brandished in a series of action-hero poses, much to the amusement of many of the passengers they were protecting from the zombie horde.

At one point, Little A aimed hers at the floor, and began moving it around in a careful circle. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Is there a new type of zombie attacking?”

“No, I’m setting a trap!” she replied. “I’m using my lasers to melt the metal in the floor just enough that when the zombies step on it, it’ll give way and they’ll fall through onto the tracks.”

“Good thinking,” I said. “They won’t be expecting that!”

A couple of stops later, she was aiming it at the ceiling, this time only at certain select spots. “Ceiling zombies?” I asked (thinking “Ceiling Zombie is watching you — er, never mind!”).

“No, another trap! If anything comes into this car making a groaning sound, the resonance of the sound will make the bars give way and fall on their heads!”

Once we left the subway, they began to spot and dispatch all kinds of zombies everywhere – light zombies, tree zombies, you name it. “Water zombies are the most dangerous kind,” Little A informed me. “Because they’re invisible until they attack, and they can’t be killed by any normal means.”

“Yes, I think I’ve heard of those in DR,” I said. “So how do you handle them?”

“You have to use the sun,” she replied. “You wait for the sun to come out, lure them into a greenhouse — and evaporate them!”

At one point, while walking through the park, Little D pointed up at the moon and shouted “MOON ZOMBIES!” He then aimed his gun at it and shouted, at the top of his lungs, “BOOOOOOOOM!!!”

“Did you just –” I began.

“I bwew up the MOON!” he announced happily.

“Oh sweetie, that’s going to play hell with the tides,” I said. “You really need to ask me before blowing up major space objects.”

“Don’t worry, Muime,” said Little A. “I took care of it. I’ve replaced it with a holographic projection that looks just like the original moon, and has its own gravitational field!”

Shortly thereafter, when we arrived at their house, I told their other mom about this. When I got to the part about the holographic moon with a gravitational field, Little A interjected excitedly “Because THAT is what science is FOR!!!”


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