corporate evildoers

Consumer activism, Little-A-style

Little A suddenly starts chortling fiendishly, apropos of nothing, and says “Muime, I need a whole bunch of knives!” “Er… why?” “And also a chainsaw.” “I see. To do what, exactly?” “No, actually, two chainsaws.” “You still have not told me what you want all this for. Also, you are pretty much the textbook example […]

Robots and foxes and bears, oh my…

I really must update this blog more often – it’s not that she’s stopped saying entertaining things, it’s more a case of me being tired and overworked. But a conversation earlier this evening definitely merits a post… We had been talking about various things Minecraft-related, and when I happened to mention one of the new […]

First against the wall…

Little A’s enemy list, as written by the lass herself (apologies for the shaky photo – she took that herself too): In case you can’t read it, it says (with spelling errors preserved): ENEMY #1 SCHOOL ENEMY #2 NESTLÉÉ ENENY #3+4 ROB + DOUG FORD

Mad Science Police!

So Little A has apparently decided she wants to be a cop when she grows up, rather than (or perhaps in addition to) a mad scientist. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s “in addition to”, given the plans she outlined to me today. And lest any of my activist friends be put off by this turn […]