Month – June 2014

Oh not – not the asparagus!

Context: on the bus with both kids. Little A is being very, VERY hyper, as she usually is on transit now that she refuses to play iPad games there (which was the only thing that ever kept her calm and quiet on long transit trips before). She is pretending to attack me with a little […]

Better Superheroes

OK, this is not actually directly Little A-related, but it concerns kids, geekery and awesomeness, so I say it’s relevant: Little Girls Are Better At Designing Superheroes Than You is a Tumblr where an artist draws superheroes based on the costumes of little girls playing superheros, and it’s great! The creator of it is also […]

Zombies, smoothies and recreational murder

Two recent entertaining incidents with the kids, and interesting strangers: #1: Wednesday, I was in a yogurt/smoothie place with both of them (Little A and her younger brother Little D, who comes with us sometimes). Little A had been having a temperamental sort of day, and was immersed in playing on the iPad as she […]

Bad day at the circus

Little A was cranky for a fair bit of today – not all the time, but on and off. Basically, a bit more volatile than usual. On the bus, she was getting really hyper and trying to climb all over everything, insisting that she was performing in a circus, and when I was adamant that […]

Cat defense system

In other news, I have engaged Little A in the project of planning a Cat Defense System for the garden (because the one of my cats who insists on going outside keeps mistaking it for a litterbox). Her ideas involve a homemade motion sensor, which she apparently intends to have her uncle Scott help her […]