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Time Travel Paradoxes R Us

Little A (thoughtfully, while looking up from playing Minecraft on the iPad): “I wish I had powers over time…” Me: “What for?” (thinking it was going to be something like making school time go faster and play time go slower) Little A: “So that I could travel forward in time to when I’m a grown-up, […]

Puppies, potions and proper parenting

Three snippets of conversation with the kids earlier this evening: #1: Little A: “Muime, look at this!” (Shows me a drawing she did, of what looks like a pipe with a sprinkler-ish thing on the end dripping water into something that look vaguely like a test tube full of pebbles and flowers) Me: “Nice! Is […]

Yes. And Unicorns.

Me (while helping Little D find a pair of socks): Oh look, there’s that tiger costume I got for A when she was little! Little D (curiously): I’ve never seen it. (This despite the fact that it is sitting clearly visible in the room they share, although maybe he just meant he’d never seen A wearing […]