The perfect weapon

Little A, in the washroom at the local park, while drying her hands under the hot air dryer and gazing contemplatively at the trash can next to it: “You know, if I could just divert this air flow over *there*, I could make the perfect weapon…”

Me: “Really? How would you do that?”

Little A: “Well, I would use the flow of hot air to push a car, which would go down a ramp, and hit a lever at the bottom that would spin a sort of triangle thing, which would make some TNT explode, and that would knock over a stand which would make a gun fire which would set off an even BIGGER block of TNT!”

I think there may even have been a few more steps in there that I’ve forgotten – I kept trying to type it into my phone for a while after she said it, while she and Little D were playing at the playground, but I never got more than a few words written before one or the other of them needed my attention, so I had to reconstruct it about six hours later…. Anyway, I continue to be amazed (and sometimes a little disturbed!) by the way her mind works…

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