Month – April 2014

Science edited by kids, for kids

“Frontiers in Neuroscience for Young Minds is a scientific journal that includes young people (from 8 to 15) in the review of articles. This has the double benefit of bringing kids into the world of scientific research – many of them for the first time – and offering active scientists a platform for reaching out […]

This week in unconventional birthday customs…

Me: You know it’s D’s birthday today, right! Little A: Yes! And I’m going to set a TRAP for her! Me: Um… That is really not a usual means of celebrating someone’s birthday, you know. Little A: Well, really it’s more of a prank than a trap… Me: Oh? Little A: Yes! I’ll hook the […]

Captain Bitey

Scene: on the Don Mills bus. Little A has been getting very hyper and noisy, and I at one point (gently) put my hand over her mouth while telling her she needs to keep it down. She responds by pretending she’s going to bite me. I turn it into a game by threatening to bite […]

Autism Awareness is Not Enough

If anyone is wondering why I (and a lot of other people) are posting more stuff about autism lately than usual, it’s because April has been variously dubbed Autism Awareness Month and Autism Acceptance Month. Of course, the approaches taken to that vary widely between organizations with different attitudes toward autism (and it is unfortunate […]

Undeath from above

A lovely day with Little A – lazy morning with a My Little Pony marathon, and then off to the park to hunt zombies with Nerf guns. No, not a LARP – we had to imagine our own zombies, old-school. At one point she started aiming straight up in the air, and when I asked […]