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Professor Morbius's Meka Curiosities

Had a good time at Suburban Steam yesterday with Little A and Little D. They were particularly delighted with Professor Morbius’s Meka Curiosities – a collection of amazing little robots, mostly animals of one kind or another, that actually moved and did things. Little A was especially enraptured with those, and asked the proprietor to demonstrate each one of them.

The following exchange also took place (for maximum effect, you need to know that Little A is an elfin 7-year-old with waist-length hair, who on this particular day was wearing a pastel turquoise T-shirt with a glittery image of Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony, pink leggings, and turquoise socks matching the T-shirt – plus metallic red and black running shoes that looked like they were from a completely different outfit, possibly that of a particularly athletic supervillain):

Little A: “These are SO AWESOME! I love them! I’m really into robots too.”

PM: (with a doting, what-a-sweet-little-girl smile): “You are?”

Little A: “Yes! My dream is to take over the world with a robot army!”


  1. Hello,

    Glad you had a good time – hopefully Little A will grow up to take over the world – but he will need bigger robots đŸ˜‰

    May I post this link to my website?

    Professor Morbius!

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