Little A on international politics

Scene: yesterday, early evening, at a store, picking up a few groceries with Little A. He was cheerful but kind of hyper, and kept running off to look at things or do things. While I was at the checkout, he ran back to the magazine racks for a moment, then dashed back and told me […]

This is how the Fall comes about…

I was reminded recently in a conversation elsewhere that I hadn’t shared this story here yet…. Context: walking with little A, who is a very hyper and cheerful mood and going on at great length about all kinds of weapons he apparently needs for some nefarious purpose or other. Little A: “…And of course I’ll […]

Seedy ideas

Two conversations with Little A today: Little A: “What’s this?” Me: “That’s a maple tree seed. The little wing on it is there to help the wind blow it further, because you can’t have too many of the same kind of trees in one place… Can you think of a couple of other ways some […]

Consumer activism, Little-A-style

Little A suddenly starts chortling fiendishly, apropos of nothing, and says “Muime, I need a whole bunch of knives!” “Er… why?” “And also a chainsaw.” “I see. To do what, exactly?” “No, actually, two chainsaws.” “You still have not told me what you want all this for. Also, you are pretty much the textbook example […]

Sorry, the shrink ray’s been sent out for repair…

“Daddy, can you get me a jackhammer? And a boxing glove, a small metal disk that will actually fit inside the boxing glove, a welding torch, a stand for the jackhammer, a shrink ray, and I also will need a box, wrapping paper, ribbon, and a sign, and some markers…. Wait, I already have the […]

Robots and foxes and bears, oh my…

I really must update this blog more often – it’s not that he’s stopped saying entertaining things, it’s more a case of me being tired and overworked. But a conversation earlier this evening definitely merits a post… We had been talking about various things Minecraft-related, and when I happened to mention one of the new […]

I’m sure they do

Scene: at the park, playing our favourite zombie-hunting game. Today, we’re pretending  that every stick we find on the ground is a zombie bone, and you have to be careful, because some of them reanimate when you’re not looking. “Look!” Says Little D, holding up a tiny stick. “This one is from a baby zombie!” […]

Caturday night

Come evening of the same day that he came up with tracking-chip-airplane-laser-volcano solution to the African imports store going out of business, I was tucking him into bed, and Rosalind, his favourite of my two cats, jumped up on the bed for a cuddle. “Awww… Rosie’s here to sleep with me!” he said as he […]

Little A has the answers to your business problems

Walking with Little A today, I saw a “closing sale” sign in the window of a local store, that imported African art and crafts. “Oh no — Nharo is closing?” I said. “That’s too bad — I really liked that store…” “Why is it closing?” asked Little A. “I don’t know — it might be […]

Time travel paradoxes R us

Little A (thoughtfully, while looking up from playing Minecraft on the iPad): “I wish I had powers over time…” Me: “What for?” (thinking it was going to be something like making school time go faster and play time go slower) Little A: “So that I could travel forward itime to when I’m a grown-up, and […]