Yes. And Unicorns.

Me (while helping Little D find a pair of socks): Oh look, there’s that tiger costume I got for A when she was little! Little D (curiously): I’ve never seen it. (This despite the fact that it is sitting clearly visible in the room they share, although maybe he just meant he’d never seen A wearing […]


Yesterday, coming in the back gate with Little A, I put my hand over the gate to unlatch it and discovered the hard way that the latch was covered with spider webs. Again. Me (wiping webs off my hands): “Aaaagh! Yuck! I keep clearing the spider webs off, but the damn spider keeps rebuilding them. […]

The perfect weapon

Little A, in the washroom at the local park, while drying her hands under the hot air dryer and gazing contemplatively at the trash can next to it: “You know, if I could just divert this air flow over *there*, I could make the perfect weapon…” Me: “Really? How would you do that?” Little A: […]

Suburban Steampunk

Had a good time at Suburban Steam yesterday with Little A and Little D. They were particularly delighted with Professor Morbius’s Meka Curiosities – a collection of amazing little robots, mostly animals of one kind or another, that actually moved and did things. Little A was especially enraptured with those, and asked the proprietor to […]

Sound like anyone we know?

Little A, for all her awesome qualities, can sometimes be a bit of a holy terror, and is decidedly unfond of transitions and starting new things. Especially if those things happen to be school. These two comics from Something Positive sounded very familiar to me…

Happy 7th birthday to Little A!

So Little A celebrated her 7th birthday today, at Chuck E. Cheese’s. She had originally wanted it to be at the Science Centre, but changed her mind at almost the last minute – fortunately they were able to accommodate us and we were able to get the location change out to everyone in time. It […]

The perfect gift

Sabotabby, to a shopkeeper in a toy store, before Little A’s birthday: “What would you recommend for a 7-year-old mad scientist who wants to take over the world?” I have the best friends, AND the best kid! (BTW, it turned out to be an air-powered rocket kit that fired foam rubber rockets with flashy LEDs […]