Time Travel Paradoxes R Us

Little A (thoughtfully, while looking up from playing Minecraft on the iPad): “I wish I had powers over time…” Me: “What for?” (thinking it was going to be something like making school time go faster and play time go slower) Little A: “So that I could travel forward in time to when I’m a grown-up, […]

Revisionist history

Mine is not the only highly intelligent and highly entertaining kid around. A friend of mine just posted the following story about her oldest son, who is just a bit older than Little A: Today we had parent-teacher interviews. Elder’s teachers told us that they’ve been having a recurrent problem with him editing Wikipedia using […]

High-tech snow warfare

So we’ve had a lot of snow lately, and this past weekend, Little A and I went outside for me to shovel a path down the side of the house and out the back gate (due to the quirks of my location, I very rarely go in and out the front – nearly always through […]

Little A, transit technician

On the way up to my place tonight, the bus we were on started experiencing some power problems, with the lights going off and on. Little A asked what was happening, and I said I didn’t know, but maybe a problem with the engine or the battery. The driver pulled over to try and deal […]

Little A solves homelessness

“…And I just want to go straight to your house so that we can download that Modular Powersuits mod for Minecraft that I saw the video of, before it’s no-more-electronics time!” Little A was pretty much bouncing up and down with excitement, as she has been almost non-stop ever since we discovered the wide world […]

My little metalhead

Today, I am pleased to report that Little A has inherited at least some of my musical tastes. At one point today, I had a very eclectic selection of holiday music playing. And she was off in the next room playing with Lego – until one of Christopher Lee’s metal Christmas carols came on (“Jingle […]

Puppies, potions and proper parenting

Three snippets of conversation with the kids earlier this evening: #1: Little A: “Muime, look at this!” (Shows me a drawing she did, of what looks like a pipe with a sprinkler-ish thing on the end dripping water into something that look vaguely like a test tube full of pebbles and flowers) Me: “Nice! Is […]

Jack-o-lanterns and adventures in biochemistry

Had an enjoyable evening carving jack-o-lanterns with the kids (well, I did most of the actual carving). Little D’s was the more unusual of the two, with a star and a moon around its eyes. I actually did the drawing of that one before carving it, because he’s only 4 and doesn’t quite have the […]

First against the wall…

Little A’s enemy list, as written by the lass herself (apologies for the shaky photo – she took that herself too): In case you can’t read it, it says (with spelling errors preserved): ENEMY #1 SCHOOL ENEMY #2 NESTLÉÉ ENENY #3+4 ROB + DOUG FORD

The fearless zombie hunters

So today Little A and Little D helped me clear a bunch of gardening stuff and assorted junk off the back patio, in exchange for a trip to Toys R Us later, where each of them would get to pick one (relatively inexpensive) toy. Both of them opted for Nerf guns (because apparently the 7 […]